mirell-implants_systemMirell Dental Implant Systems, brings together expertise from across the world in dental implant and prosthetic technologies.

Mirell Dental Implant Systems prides itself on understanding the marketplace, offering a broad range of sophisticated dental solutions. Advanced research and development enables us to provide simple solutions for all clinical situations. Our Implants Systems technology is highly advanced and very simple and easy to use.

Mirell implements a high quality control management system that complies with the most stringent international regulations. We continuously strive to improve our range following guidance demands, rules and regulations worldwide.

Mirell Dental Implant Systems development team within the company are maintaining our position as a leader in the field, by ensuring each and every range introduced exceeds all compliance mandates.

As a part of our continues improvement we regard advice and feedback from customers and business partners as essential elements in creating and manufacturing our products. Our range of implants is positioned at the very heart of contemporary implant innovation.

Mirell Dental Implant Systems products are approved and cleared for marketing. At the same time, research and development programs underscore our continuing resolve to anticipate and meet all future international market place demands. Mirell Dental Implant Systems provides a Lifetime Warranty on its range of implants, providing the dental surgeons with great assurance.