NanoActive Surface Treatment

NanoActive surface treatment presented by Mirell is a unique development achieving the optimal surface morphology and topography creating Nano structure that is identical to SLA results while using Resorbable Biocompatible Materials.




Osseointegration can be enhanced by the science of medical bone and joint replacement techniques.

Combined TiO2 and Ha Nano materials NanoActive is a treated high performance and active Implant surface that allow us to ensure better reception of red blood cells by the body and enable faster and better bone and tissue growth towards the Implant, while greatly reducing the instances of rejected Implants.

NanoActive surface treatment promotes the healing and growth of tissues enhancing osseointegration exceeding performances of dental implants available on the market.




Following FDA guidance demands, there are no particles remaining behind on the surface of the implant, NanoActive is achieving pure titanium surface.