Multi Unit System


"Simple click" is an enhanced over denture grip system.

  1. Mirell “Simple click” system relies on a unique hug ring design made of PEEK.
  2. The unique mechanical properties of PEEK allow a large diameter of spherical hug, by relying on the elastic properties of PEEK and resulting with a very high grip force.
  3. The geometry of the titanium abutment (base unit ring) and the accompanying PEEK attachment create a large contact area, resulting in excellent stability of the prosthetics and comfort of your patient.
  4. Two PEEK inserts are available: Hard- with full torso. Soft-with slots on torso.
  5. mirell-implants_Simple-Click_02The wide contact area is possible because of the wide range of angles: 18° 30° (40° coming soon) and a wide range on heights: 1-2-3-4-5 and 6mm. availability of these options allows a perfect match for the contact areas between the titanium abutment (base unit ring) and the PEEK attachment.
  6. The PEEK polymer shows excellent resistance to stress and plastic deformation, thus extending the life of the products implant beyond other alternatives that are available on the market.
  7. mirell-implants_Simple-Click_03(A) Replacing the PEEK holding attachment is particularly simple. Threading SCT (Simple Click Tool) into the threaded hole in the PEEK attachment will cause the ejection of the PEEK part as shown. (B) Put the new peek attachment to the opposite side of the special tool.
  8. Please be aware that the PEEK attachment should be replaced if exposed to temperature higher than 100°C.
  9. In those cases where there are significant differences in heights and angles, patient should be instructed to press the prosthetics first at the front of the mouth until hearing the engagement click and then tighten the back, until hearing a second engagement click.mirell-implants_Simple-Click_04
  10. When mounting the “Simple Click” System, it is critical to verify up to 5° parallelism between the PEEK attachment and the base abutment.